psychotherapy and psychoeducation

Radiant Living Life Solutions d/b/a Linda Hart Streeter offers psychotherapy and psychoeducation support groups for teens, young adults and over. Groups range from a combination of psychotherapy groups, psychoeducation and self-help and support groups. You’re probably wondering, what’s the difference between the three. Though similar in nature, they differ slightly.

Psychotherapy, often referred to as talk therapy, is comprised of a person, family, couple or group who sits down and talks with a therapist or other mental health provider. Psychotherapy helps people learn about their moods, thoughts, behaviors and how they influence their lives. They also provide ways to help restructure thinking and respond to stress and other conditions.

Psychoeducation teaches people about their illness and how they’ll receive treatment as well as education for family and friends where they learn things like coping strategies, problem-solving skills and how to recognize the signs of relapse. Family psychoeducation can often help ease tensions at home, which can help the person experiencing the mental illness to recover.

Self-help and Support groups can help address feelings of isolation and help people gain insight into their mental health condition. Members of support groups may share frustrations, successes, referrals for specialists, where to find the best community resources and tips on what works best when trying to recover. They also form friendships with other members of the group and help each other on the road to recovery. As with psychoeducation, families and friends may also benefit
from support groups of their own.



Self Esteem Matters: A journey to self-awareness

AUDIENCE: Women & Teens

The objective of this group is to heighten the participants awareness of the importance of high self-esteem, and the components and behaviors of high self-esteem that are necessary to maintain a good feeling and confidence of self. Discussions include overcoming guilt, affirmation techniques, overcoming negative self-destructive habits, positive habit conditioning, self-acceptance, harm co-dependency, transforming into a successful person, and techniques to Life self-esteem.


Stop Signals: Ending Abusive Relationships

AUDIENCE: Women & Teen Girls

The class reveals alarming facts of abuse and defines abuse in simple terms that group participants can identify, understand, and take actions. Participants will be able to determine if they are in an abusive relationship; recognize the warning signs of an abusive personality; learn the effects of psychological abuse; recognize addictive patterns of attracting and choosing abusers; and obtain strategies to live more fully. Valuable resources are also provided.


Sink, Swim or Float: The Art of Being A Survivor


This group teaches survival strategies that leads to thriving. Participants will learn the art of surviving and overcoming traumatic emotional experiences, disappointments, and loss. Mastering the art of a survivor is about thriving, not just existing.This group teaches survival strategies that leads to thriving. Participants will learn the art of surviving and overcoming traumatic emotional experiences, disappointments, and loss. Mastering the art of a survivor is about thriving, not just existing.


Harnessing & Leaving a Legacy of Love

AUDIENCE: All genders, ages benefits

Companion to the book, The Art of Manifesting Love
It’s all about self-love and the ability to love others in a healthy manner. This group defines love, separating lust and obsession. Participants will learn to give and receive love and appreciate oneself through harnessing the power of acceptance, faith (self & God), and forgiveness (self and others).


Self-Empowerment: Taking My Life Back

AUDIENCE: All genders, ages

The objective is to help participants connect and build inner strength. The group leader defines self-empowerment and the skills necessary for self-empowerment. This class is designed for those who desire to achieve their personal and professional goals, and at the same time overcome negative behavior, which may be self-limiting or destructive. These step-by-step techniques provide knowledge of how to take control of one’s life and become more successful at every level of life through the ten skills necessary for empowerment, effective Communication, confrontation strategies, developing self-respect, and give five principles for building self and erasing false ideas about “self”


Breaking the Chains of Addictive Behaviors


How does one become co-dependent upon something outside of themself? This group discusses subtle pitfalls and traps that lead to addictive behaviors, links between stress and self-medicating, the cycle of addiction of unhealthy relationship, how to identify active addictive patterns, strategies for recovery and relapse prevention.


Me, Myself & I: A Holistic Approach to Self-Perception

AUDIENCE: All genders, ages

Program is designed to help you know “thyself” by tapping into the inner needs and soul of your being. Self-discovery includes identifying strengths, weaknesses, abilities, emotional needs, moods, behaviors and attitude about life, self and others. This group takes a holistic approach to the journey of self-discovery and the world in which we live, addressing the triad being of man and providing skill-building exercises.


5-Step Emotional Healing

AUDIENCE: All genders, ages

One of the single most important aspect of who you are and that reflects the quality and meaning of your existence is your emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotions are what make life worth living. Charity, compassion, connection, kindness and charity flow from the healthy emotions. This group Offers 5 steps for healing from a broken heat, grief/loss and surviving traumatic experiences. The powerful process offers healing through forgiveness of self and other, a spiritual releasing of the past and effective strategies that propels forward thinking and being.


Emotional Wellness For Women

AUDIENCE: Designed for Women

Companion to “Emotional Wellness For Women,” a 357-page guide authored by twenty-five coaches comprised of professionals from diverse backgrounds (to include Linda Streeter) sharing powerful tips about self-discovery, overcoming shame, and developing a positive self-image.  Participants learn through auditory, visual and kinesthetic systems of learning for growth and development, gaining personal spiritual growth, self-discovery, All of which are common factors that affect and negatively impact the lives of women, and consequently their children


Resolving Conflict with Purpose

AUDIENCE: Designed for all couples, families as well as individual

Companion to the book, The Power of Conflict. Participants learn spiritual virtues and principles for resolving conflict in their relationship. Individuals are learning to harness the power of conflict through effective communication and creativity.

Psychoeducation Workshop

Vision Boarding with Purpose

AUDIENCE: Designed for all genders and ages

This dynamic education group is designed with you in mind. Are you lacking a sense of meaning and purpose? Are you experiencing boredom or trying to find your way in life? If you answered yes to either question. You want to commit to this Life group. Here you will discover purpose for your identify, define your identity, discover you into your source, tap into your ultimate potential-- innate gift and talents, and create a visual map to your destiny.